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With original 4-second animated clips that say exactly what you mean, without it getting lost in translation over text!
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AI Recommendations

Save time by using our suggested Animooves for your texting convenience!

Media Customization

Add your own personal expression to each Animoove so you can really let your personality shine through!

Emotional Application

Feel happy? We have an Animoove for that. Feel sad? We have an Animoove for that. Feel meh? Well we have an Animoove for that too! 

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Endless Animoove Options

There are literally THOUSANDS of Animooves at your disposal, so you will never have an issue finding what to say. Our international community of animators, or Animoovers, upload new animations daily that fit various emotional, pop culture, and practical situations. Download the app and you can start exploring new Animooves!


Studio Editor

Say goodbye to sending multimedia messages (GIFs, Stickers, Emojis) as they are – our studio is equipped with the tools for you to add your own personality to each Animoove you send. Record your voice, edit the text, even add different sounds or videos that better suit the mood. We want you to be in charge of your messages, even if we gave you the animation ;). 

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Animoove LIVE - Share the moment in real time

Just a tap of a button and you can share your moments easily to any messaging platform on IOS or Android. Start real LIVE sharing your Animooves today 

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